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Fellow Simpsons fans,

I'd like to announce that I have come up with some new story treatments for the show which I think will surely work. I will explain them as follows,

Story One:
This story centers on Bart, which hasn't been done enough in the recent seasons. It is about Bart bonding again with Ned Flanders, something I personally loved in "The Simpsons Movie". In this Bart is signed up to enter a boys biking race, but he can't use his bike because it needs a severe overhaul and besides the rest of his family are too busy to train him, Homer has to fix his car motor, Marge has too many dishes and laundry, Lisa has to study for a test, and Grandpa who is personally against the use of bicycles refuses. Then Ned Flanders offers to train Bart because he reveals that he was champion in school bike races during his childhood so he starts training Bart and he lends him his old childhood bike, an early 60s children's bicycle, which he fixes up and fixes up and repaints and polishes specially for him. As he trains him, Bart starts to worship him like a father which starts to make Homer worried, he then starts acting more fatherly to prove more affection. Meanwhile, Martin and Milhouse are put in charge of the school newspaper and start looking for news, then in the locker hallway they notice Lisa give her friends Janey and Allison a kiss on the cheek. They then start a front page article that Lisa is bi-sexual. I read that notion was hinted in the last season, it seems very interesting and supposedly deserves some exploitation.

Story Two:
This plot centers on Maggie, the infant member of the family. In this story Maggie sees Bart and Lisa fighting every day and starts to wish that she were old enough to speak to them herself and make them get along, she also wishes that she could also try to make her parents get along better as well. That night she looks at a comic book adaption of the Tom Hanks movie "Big" and dreams that she imediately grows into a six year old who speaks clearly in a voice even more smooth and mature than Lisa's (for this Nancy Cartwright who does her occasionally heard voice could use her own natural speaking voice which I think is would fit perfectly). It takes a while for her family to realize it is her, at first Bart thinks Lisa made a clone of herself. Maggie then starts coming between her brother and sister and comes up with ways to prevent big fights between them, and does the same with her parents, before awakening from her dream.

Story Three:
This is a plot to strengthen the bond between Bart and Lisa. Bart suddenly loses his voice because one of the bullies punched him in the neck making his larynx swell and cut off his breathing. He is rushed to the hospital and his windpipe has to be repaired involving tracheostomy, the surgery is successful and the doctors assure his family that once his throat is fully healed his voice will come back as good as ever, but it will take a month or so and he will be unable to speak until then. While recovering, Bart has to wear a neck cast and can hardly even open his mouth. To communicate he resorts to writing his things to say with a pencil and clipboard, it is Lisa who looks after him and using his ledger he makes confessions that he is deeply ashamed of being an underachiever and that he has always worshiped Lisa as his sister. He also admits that lately he has grown to like the sound of her saxophone, he finds it relaxing and it seems to him like her own form of communication and so he wants to become as musical as her and to learn what it is like to be in her shoes. Amazed that her brother really means what he wrote, she agrees and teaches him to be a professional saxophonist, actually study and do the homework he is given and think just like her, she specially lends him the old alto sax that the late Bleeding Gums Murphy left to her. Bart proves successful at playing it, and is even given the musical nickname "Wheezy". When he fully recovers he soon starts pulling pranks again, this imediately breaks Lisa's heart. Bart later realizes it and decides to apologize and thank Lisa. He uses everything what Lisa taught him during the month and prepare a special sax show with other children. He sings a song for Lisa, thanks her for everything and apologizes her. Deeply touched, Lisa forgives him and then they sing and play saxophones together.

Story Four:
This is an idea to bring the Simpsons Clue Game to life. In my plot the Simpsons discover that they have the famous Parker Brothers boardgame clue in their attic. They are interested and decide to play it. As they play they fantasize that they are the characters they play as: Homer as Mr. Green, Bart as Prof. Plum, Marge as Mrs. Peacock, Lisa as Miss Scarlet, Maggie as Mrs. White, with Grampa as Colonel Mustard and Mr. Burns as Mr. Boddy, as they play all of the Springfieldians who pass by stop at their window wondering why they are so focused on a board game all day, however he w. I liked the original Simpsons Clue game and thought it could actually be made into an actual storyline somehow.

I plan to communicate these to the producers, I have a feeling they'll find three out of the five doable.

I've also made a list of characters voiced by guest stars that actually look like their voice actors:

There are nearly eleven dozen characters that I have noticed.

1. Jacque (Albert Brooks)
2. Gulliver Dark (Sam McMurray)
3. Karl (Harvey Fierstein)
4. Lionel Hutz (Phil Hartman)
5. Bea Simmons (Audrey Meadows)
6. Mr. Bergstrom (Dustin Hoffman)
7. Lurleen Lumpkin (Beverly D' Angelo)
8. Samantha Stanky (Kimmy Robertson)
9. Llewellyn Sinclair (Jon Lovitz)
10. Ruth Powers (Pamela Reed)
11. Mindy Simmons (Michelle Pfeiffer)
12. Stacy Lovell (Kathleen Turner)
13. Dr. Zweig (Anne Bancroft)
14. Number One (Patrick Stewart)
15. Jay Sherman (Jon Lovitz)
16. Bill Gannon (Harry Morgan)
17. Hollis Hurlbut (Donald Sutherland)
18. MacArthur (Jeff Goldblum)
19. Erin (Christina Ricci)
20. Lucius Sweet (Paul Winfield)
21. Larry Burns (Rodney Dangerfield)
22. John (John Waters)
23. Cecil Terwilliger (David Hyde Piece)
24. "Big Daddy" (Gailard Sartain)
25. "Real" Principal Skinner (Martin Sheen)
26. Cooder (Jim Varney)
27. Ray Patterson (Steve Martin)
28. Alex Whitney (Lisa Kudrow)
29. Munchie (George Carlin)
30. Seth (Martin Mull)
31. Wally Kogan (Fred Willard)
32. Astrid Weller (Isabella Rossellini)
33. Jim Hope (Tim Robbins)
34. Warden (Charles Napier)
35. Jack Crowley (Michael Keaton)
36. Judge Constance Harm (Jane Kaczmarek)
37. Gloria (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss)
38. Gabriel (Delroy Lindo)
39. Garth Motherloving (Ben Stiller)
40. Greta Wolfcastle (Reese Witherspoon)
41. Buck McCoy (Dennis Weaver)
42. Zelda (Olympia Dukakis)
43. Sara Sloane (Marisa Tomei)
44. Luke Stetson (Jonathan Taylor Thomas)
45. Henry (Simon Cowell)
46. Chloe Talbot (Kim Cattrall)
47. Ray Magini (Ray Romano)
48. Francesca (Maria Garza Cucinotta)
49. Mason Fairbanks (Michael York)
50. Ben Heathbar (Ricky Gervais)
51. Melanie Upfoot (Francis McDormand)
52. Darcy (Natalie Portman)
53. Colby Krause (Stephen Colbert)
54. Louie (Matt Dillon)
55. Dwight Diddlehopper (Steve Buscemi)
56. Donny (Topher Grace)
57. Lucky Jim (Robert Forster)
58. Mina Bin Laden (Shohreh Aghdashloo)
59. Juliet Hobbes (Emily Blunt)
60. Tom O'Flanagan (Colm Meaney)
61. Jenny (Anne Hathaway)
62. Lyle McCarthy (Seth Rogen)
63. Andy Hamilton (Jonah Hill)
64. Princess Penelope (Anne Hathaway)
65. Virgil (Wren T. Brown)
66. Ethan Ballantyn (Jemaine Clement)
67. Kurt Hardwick (Bret McKenzie)
68. Dr. Thurson (Rachel Weiz)
69. Calliope Juniper (Kristen Wiig)
70. Walter Hotenhoffer (Werner Herzog)
71. Nikki McKenna (Sarah Silverman)
72. Taffy (Kristen Schaal)
73. Wayne Slater (Kiefer Sutherland)
74. Roz Davis (Jayne Lynch)
75. Robert Marlowe (John Slattery)
76. Annie Dubinsky (Joan Rivers)
77. Rowan Priddis (Steve Coogan)
78. Riva LaFleur (Annika Noni Rose)
79. Dan Gillick (Steve Carell)
80. Terence (Fred Armisen)
81. Lloyd (Tom Waits)
82. Portia (Rashida Jones)
83. Ms. Cantwell (Tina Fey)
84. School therapist (Wanda Sykes)
85. Zhenya (Jane Krakowski)
86. Ben (Seth MacFarlane)

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simpsonofan Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015
Those ideas are really good. Especially your Maggie episode and your Bart and Lisa episode. This show lacks some heart now, characters don't interact that way with eachother anymore. And giving Maggie more personnality than "she's smart for her age" (and have violent tendencies) is also a good idea. Sorry I just read that now, because... Well, if my DA page was a room in real life, it would be filled with cobwebs by now :-)
stagedoorjohnnie Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
Does anyone else want to favorite this?
lainwiththedevil Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
I think these are all wonderful episode proposals! One of the things surely i find lacking in many of the new poorer written episodes, is the family bonding that connected them so humanly in the good part of the series. When Homer and everyone else acts to a certain point completely beyond apathy and sadism, it really feels disjointed and out of character.
stagedoorjohnnie Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
I'm not familiar with those words but either way, these story treatments surley won't fail. I plan to send these episodes to one of the showrunners by mail and hope to recieve feedback and/or word that they accept them.
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