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Bart's Soda Shop (preview) by stagedoorjohnnie
Bart's Soda Shop (preview)
This is a preview of a new comic I will be doing the following week, it's actual a loose adaption of a Sesame Street sketch between Ernie and Bert, which I always pictured between the to Simpsons kids, I think it will be interesting. I hope you'll be glad to know I'm still drawing.
Photos of Madison, Wisconsin 3 by stagedoorjohnnie
Photos of Madison, Wisconsin 3
The one on the top is of my watch, I guess I shot it a little too close.
Photos of Madison, Wisconsin 2 by stagedoorjohnnie
Photos of Madison, Wisconsin 2
Here are some more. Pardon the roughness of the one on the bottom right.

Fellas, I know you haven't heard from me for quite a while. And, I have come up with a little something to talk about. I recall dmlxo21, doing an article on food, I had an idea.


I don't usually spread stuff like this around, but I have my own little traditional dinner on a Sunday night. I often buy myself from convenience stores a favorite meal of mine. It consists of a frozen beef and bean burrito, a frozen mac & cheese and a container of Campell's tomato soup. It just seems to make a perfect combo, especially when washed down with 16oz of cranberry juice.

It kind of relaxing to me too. If anyone is interested, I'd suggest making yourself a dinner like this, if you feel uneasy on a Sunday night. Once you head this stuff up it can satisfy your appetite and you can go to bed content. Just try to stick to burritos that are made with shredded beef instead of ground, that'll have less cholesterol.

I hope this sounds like something worth reading at least.



H. Whiterabbit
United States


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stagedoorjohnnie Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015
Just look at my latest.
danintendolinux Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015
I hope you are doing nice drawings ^^
stagedoorjohnnie Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014
Please, don't do that.
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